Traveling Together – Tips for a Successful Relationship While Traveling

1. Taking Space for Yourself

While traveling together can be a lot of fun, taking some time apart is also important. Make sure you each have your own space to gather new and exciting experiences along the way.

2. Finding Your Own Way in the World

Although similar to the first point this refers to creating your personal path in the world. It is great to co-create together with your partner, however, I see it as detrimental to create something that more you than the relationship. Maybe it’s your own business venture with partners or alone, maybe it’s your art. Whatever it is, the process of creation will enrich and develop you as a person. My self, for example, have a few different things that I do and some are with my partner and others are mine with other partners or by myself like this web design business 🙂

3. Taking Responsibility and Ownership Over Your Happiness

It may sound basic to some readers, however, it is super important to remember that your partner is not responsible for your happiness, only you are! So, whenever you feel like they are not there for you, or that they should treat you differently just try to take a deep breath and remember that you and only you are responsible for your well being. If something isn’t working out for you, do something different. If your partner is not there for you emotionally at this very moment maybe they are going through something, or maybe they are keeping their boundaries. But you can be there for yourself.

4. Giving

Being on the road sure has its difficulties. A good way for both of you to stay within good emotional and relationship health is by giving more than receiving. Try to think a lot about what you can give your partner to improve their journey, whether it is small gifts or a shoulder to rest on, Try to always give more than you take. I promise you that if you are both busy thinking about what you can give more than what you want. You won’t have time to fight over what you’re not getting.

5. Letting Go of Control

Not everything is going to work out the way you want it to. Both in life and a relationship you need to leave some space for doubts, worries, and fears. When they do come, try to meet them head first and communicate about them. Try not to leave things lying around in the shadow, but certainly, let go of the notion that things will be exactly as you want them to be.

6. Scheduling Time Together

The DN life while fun can also be demanding or maybe even too exciting, you might find that you don’t spend any quality time together. Even if you do pass time together it’s not the same as scheduling in your calendars time for a short trip in nature together or maybe even just having a confined time for a sharing.

7. Checking In

If you are spending a lot of time on the road together it’s easy to start taking each other for granted and maybe not notice each other’s emotional state. Try to really check in on your partner to see where they are now emotionally. Maybe they are having a hard time right now going to another new place, or maybe they have had enough of the current place and want to move forward. Don’t assume what they feel or think. Check in on them!

8. Having or Creating a Project Together

If you’re not already doing it start a project together, this will help you to learn more about each other and can seriously bring you closer. For me personally, this is one of the most important things in a relationship, having fun while creating something together. Working on something together really helps me to learn a lot about my partner, their strengths and weaknesses, their work ethics and more. Another thing is that the sense of accomplishing something together is really amazing!

9. Pay for Yourself

This is of course only my opinion but I think people should be finically independent. It’s ok to let someone pay for you here and there but certainly don’t become dependant on your partner since it can become really confusing being in a strange country with someone you’re dependent on and might actually make you weaker as a person.

These are my tips for now, next time I want to talk more about healthy communication and boundaries.
what do you think? what helps you stay in a healthy relationship? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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