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The 10 Things To Do and Go Places in Koh Phangan

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1. Eat Vegan Food in one of Srithanu Vegan Restaurants

If like me, you really like vegan food and cant get enough of it than you are in luck. When it comes to vegan food the area of Srithanu, Koh Phangan has a huge variety of great vegan restaurants for you to choose from, There is also a lot of good raw food and raw deserts. I recommend checking out:, Pure Vegan and Orion Healing Center.

2. Do Yoga in one of Koh Phangan great Yoga places

There are are many place to practice Yoga in Koh Phangan, but definitely the best of them are in the area of Srithanu. I had great pleasure to deepen my Yoga practice in places such as Orion healing center, Sunny Yoga, Agama Yoga. I really connected with the vinyasa practice a few years back and still find my self coming back to this specific practice when i can. For me the best practice was in Orion healing center.

Yoga On Koh Phangan

Yoga On Koh Phangan

3. Koh Ma

Koh Ma is a small island just of the coast of Koh Phangan, it is nice since there is a land bridge that you walk on to get to the island it self. This is a great day trip to just hang out and enjoy the sun.

4. Ko Ra Waterfalls

Koh Phangan has a few different waterfalls to choose from but i found Ko Ra to be the most fun of them all. It has a nice pool to jump to at the start of the waterfall and you can climb up from within the waterfall of do a two hour hike to the amazing view point at the top.

A Day at the Waterfalls

A Day at the Waterfalls

5. Ecstatic Dance

The best way to either start the day or end the day for me is no doubt dancing. The freedom to let my body go without any care in one of the beautiful ecstatic on Koh Phangan is a true pleasure for the body, mind and spirit. Ecstatic Dance is unlike any other kind of dance or party, there is no alcohol, no drugs, no phones and no talking. This really sets the stage for me to be fully present in my body and in the moment. You should check out ED at Jaran’s Yoga & Wellness on Fridays and Wednesdays evenings or at Pyramid Yoga Center on Sunday mornings.

6. Zen Beach

If there is one place on Koh Phangan that there is truly no place like it in the entire world it’s Zen beach at Sunset. This amazing beach attracts a musical jam accompanied by people dancing, giving sessions in the water and much much more. This place true captures the magic of this paradise island.

Flying on the Beach

Flying on the Beach

7. Do a Coconut Detox

There are many places on the island to detox your body. For me personally what worked best is to simply only drink coconuts for 10 days. After that my body felt so clean and pure to simply be.

8. Tantric Course

The island of Koh Phangan is famous for its many tantric schools and courses. I would suggest that even if this is something that you are not usually into this is the place to check out how you can relate to other people and romantic partners. One of the main tantric schools on the island to check out is Agama Yoga.

We just Finished ISTA Training

9. Shamanic Journey

This is for the people who want to venture deep into their psych, for those who wish to learn more about themselves and the world around them. Going through the gates of any kind of Shamanic journey is not for every soul. For sensitivity reasons i cannot reveal anything more online – but if your soul asks for it it will find you.

10. Work on the beach

There are many places with good wi-fi in Koh Phangan. But one place i would recommend above all others is the Beachub. This place is the wet dream of every digital nomad. With amazingly good wi-fi connection and comfortable chairs this place goes above and beyond for us digital workers to be able to maximise our working time so that we can have more time to play and enjoy our sweet time on Koh Phangan.

Bonus – 11. Herbal Steam Sauna – The Dome

Thanks to Anna Ostanska I remembered that one of my favorite things to do on the island is a ultra relaxing herbal steam bath. I really recommend “The Dome” in the north of the island but there is also Papa Rus. The sauna at The Dome is unlike anything i have ever been to, the entire place has an amazing atmosphere completed with amazing pieces of art created by the owner. You should definitely keep a few open nights just for this.

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