WordPress Private Lessons

The Internet is an amazing tool to provide content, information and make sales. Usually, we use websites to accomplish these goals.

I have been teaching Private lessons in WordPress since 2007
If you want to learn WordPress and webdesign in-depth in a personalized 1-on-1 session you have come to the right place.

Firstly, we will set the goals and materials most important for you.

I can teach any of the following (not necessarily in this order)

Learn HTML
Getting familiar with a text editor
HTML Structure
Anchors & Links
Embedding Images
Creating Lists
Creating Tables

CSS and basic design
What is CSS
Separating design from Content
Colors & backgrounds
Fonts & Text Design
CSS Elements
Margin & Padding
Using Inspect Element

Learning Basic Photo Manipulations
Cropping an image
Color Palettes

Basic UX/UI
Making your website easy to use
How to highlight what’s really important
User Flow

Introduction to Servers and Domain
How to Use FTP’s
How do Domains work?

Introduction to WordPress
What is a CMS?
WordPress.com vs. WordPress.org
What do you need to start working?
Installing WP

Using WordPress CMS
Creating your first content
Adding images
Tags & Categories
Titles & Content
User Management
What are the “must” plugins these days?

Introduction to Online Marketing
SEO vs. Paid Ads
Google Analytics
Google Search Tools
Email Mailing lists
Branded Short URLs

Introduction to Elementor
Using Elementor to create stunning WordPress websites
Creating Templates
Selecting Fonts
Selecting base theme
Maximizing the results of your work

Community & Resources
Getting to know the right FB groups
Useful websites & Tips

These Private lessons are given through Video