UX Design

What is UX?

User Experience (UX) is designing the quality of the experience of the user from interacting with an object starting from a simple spoon and to an entire airport. When it comes to websites and technological interfaces it usually refers to a planned interaction with an application, program or even the entire business.

What to focus on in your User Experience?

1. Who are the users?

Wha are the users needs from your website or app? we want to discover as much as we can about our users so that we can plan our UX in a way that will serve them best.

2. How to create our best UX

Above anything else, we want our UX to be one that attracts people to adopt the optimal usage of our app and achieve our goals. The design doesn’t have to be something too flashy, but rather one that drives our users to use it more.

3. Every second count

There is nothing more important than our users time. that’s why we make sure to design the UX in a way that assists our users to get to what they need as fast as possible.

4. Simplicity is key

Simplicity is the fuel in our UX engine. The ease of usage along with speed and appealing ascetics make the time spent on our app into a fun experience that makes the user want to revisit often. We want to keep only our must properties and hide the least used items.

5. Lets be creative and innovative

Being innovative is what separates our app from all others. The ability to dream something new that no one had done before is what will give us the edge.