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Video Guru

About Video Guru

In today’s market, you want your marketing efforts to tell a story. This is what Video Guru does best. Using graphic or whiteboard animations to create an original video, they help businesses tell their stories. Each video is custom made, which makes it easy for their clients to tell the story they want to tell and make the video look how they want it to look.

Because videos are given precedence over content on just about every search engine and consumers are much more likely to watch a video than read a long block of text, Video Guru helps their clients not only bring more people to their website, but also convert more of those people into customers. The campaigns they create are extremely effective for businesses looking to improve their online traffic and profits.

About the Design

Because Video Guru is a creative company that thrives on their ability to convince page visitors to employ their services, we knew that we would have to present them with clean, functional WordPress themes that displayed their massive portfolio of work and increase user-friendliness. The WordPress theme that we ultimately chose for Video Guru features a white background and hinted of vintage magazines, with straight lines and large, bold text.

We also knew that they would need a fully responsive design, so that their users browsing on a mobile device would be able to use the website just as smoothly and capably as those browsing via laptop or desktop. This made it vitally important to ensure that the theme we chose was compatible with mobile devices. The result is a professional, user-friendly design that welcome site visitors and makes it easy to see what Video Guru can do.


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Video Guru

Skills Branding, Wordpress
Client Video Guru