MHS Capital A website for an early stage venture fund backed by elite silicone valley founders and operators.

Wordpress Website for MHS Capital

MHScapital is a SF based experienced fund that is backed by a set of industry veterans, leveraging their expertise to help the companies they invest in grow. MHS investors are founders and executives from the following companies.

MHS believes the strongest partnerships, in both investing and in life, are ones that put people first. They invest a lot of time and energy in getting to know you and your vision to change the world, and this relationship-focused philosophy enables them to recruit an exceptional group of entrepreneurs, operators and industry veterans to be your mentors, advisors, and long-term partners as you build the next generation of category-defining companies.

MHS turned to us to build their website. They wanted a site that would be clean, powerful, beautiful, and help send their message of an elite, well established, fund, built on integrity, partnership and professionalism.

We designed and built their site carefully and with all the expertise we had to offer. The result was a modern looking, clean designed, fully responsive and sleek website that makes smart use of a parallax effect to serve a style that was both new and level-headed. With a back-end content management system that is intuitive and easy for the user. This is a good example of a strong and beautiful business oriented design.

Website Development for MHS Capital

Web Design for MHS Capital

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Client MHS Capital