Jellop Early Adopters

When Jellop Early Adopters came to us to build their website we were happy for the opportunity to be part in this project that’s changing the face of innovation in realising new products into the market. Jellop’s marketing abilities are well known in the world of crowd funding and we are exited about being part in this revolution that’s changing the rules of the game.

Jellop Web Design

About Jellop Early Adopters
Jellop was founded by Iddo Sterenberg and Gil Schtzer and is a marketing agency specialising in marketing of crowd funding campaigns through Kickstarter. Jellop have already help their clients raise some tens of millions of dollars, and the nubers are always rising. The products they market are in the realm of disruptive technologies suited for early adopters. This has led them to create Jellop Early Adopters – a platform to bring these products directly to the right hands.

The vision of Jellop Early Adopters is to create a commerce platform to make it more accessible for the early adopters crowd to find many innovations in a single place.

About the Design
Designing websites for innovation is what we do so we set right up to the challenge, using a clear design to emphasis the call to actions and using video to provide a clear message that’s easy for the user to connect to.

Web Design for Jellop Early Adopters

Skills Development, Web Design, Wordpress
Client Jellop Early Adopters