EtherGit grants app developers access to the decentralized matrix.


About EtherGit

Etherium is a system set up for application developers, based on the idea of the blockchain. EtherGit is, itself, based in the Etherium and allows other developers access to the space. This is an entirely new way to develop and publish apps. Decentralized and based in Web 3.0, the users create the digital contracts and use a Turing-complete programming language. The system itself provides workarounds for halting problems and uses some of the most advanced peer-to-peer cryptoeconomic technology.

This system is the most flexible and accessible available, putting special emphasis on developing new features and constantly improving itself, as well as improving the functionality for developers using the system. There really is nothing else like EtherGit available on the web today.

About the Project

As co-designers on the EtherGit project, it was our responsibility to not only establish the graphic language of the website, but also build it into every aspect of the site. The landing page features a web of connected constellations on a royal blue background, to give the sense of being in space. This design connotes mystery, simplicity, and authority. We wanted the landing page to be as innovative as the idea behind the website.

We also had the opportunity to design a number of internal pages on EtherGit, but the landing page is by far our favorite. The innovative and simplistic design inspires curiosity and invites the page visitor to delve deeper into the website and what it has to offer.


Skills Web Design
Client EtherGit