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When 128° Productions contacted us to help them build their brand, we were excited to be able to help such a ground breaking music production duo find their footing and get their business off the ground.

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About 128° Productions

128° Productions is made up of Yossi Shauly (aka Yossi Swing) and Katy Trifonov. Yossi is a pioneer of electro swing in Israel and is responsible for bringing the genre to the country. Katy, on the other hand, is one of the most talented producers and managers in the business. Among her many accomplishments is Bordel Total productions, which speaks to her ability to handle multi-faceted, diverse projects with ease.

128° doesn’t just produce music here in Israel; they are involved with music production all over the world, including sound design for festivals, parties and events. Restaurants and businesses also contact 128° for help picking music to create the right atmosphere in their dining areas and offices.

About the Design

128° asked us for help with their brand. Creating a brand is about more than simply choosing a name—you need fonts, designs, and concepts. When we sat down with this duo, we discussed 128° Productions’ goals, who they wanted to reach, and what kind of personality or character they wanted their company to have. This allowed us to create what we call an aesthetic language, to communicate 128°’s vibe to their public.

During this process, we selected fonts, colors, symbols, and images that would symbolize the essence of 128° Productions. The logo and business card that we created for them is as fun as it is professional, as cool as it is unique.

Branding for 128 Productions

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